what is a chartered boat?

The Ultimate Guide to Private Boat Charters in Salcombe

Have you ever dreamed of cruising along the stunning South Devon Coast, soaking in the beauty of pristine waters and hidden gems, all without the commitment of boat ownership? Look no further than a private chartered boat! Here at Salcombe Sea-N-Shore, we specialise in crafting unforgettable experiences on the stunning South Devon Coast.

What is a private chartered boat?
Escape the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary with a private chartered boat from Sea-N-Shore, one of the UK’s leading water sports and training specialists. Hiring a boat and experienced captain for your exclusive enjoyment is a great way to enjoy the ultimate luxury experience. Without any of the hassles that come with owning your own boat, our expert team handles everything while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the joys of the open sea.

Why choose a private boat charter?
• Effortless Exploration: Forget the stress of boat ownership! With a private charter, everything is taken care of by our experienced team. We handle everything from navigation and boat maintenance to planning the perfect itinerary.
• Unlock the Secrets of Devon: Our local skippers know the hidden gems the coastline has to offer. Explore secluded coves inaccessible by land, discover fascinating marine life, or find the perfect spot for a refreshing dip.
• Unwind and Reconnect: Leave your worries behind and soak up the tranquillity of the South Devon Coast. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling RIB ride or a peaceful sunset cruise, a private charter lets you create lasting memories with family and friends.
• Expertise You Can Trust: Safety is paramount at Salcombe Sea-N-Shore. Our skippers are highly qualified and possess an intimate knowledge of the local waters, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.
• No Boating Experience Required: Unlike boat ownership, chartering doesn’t require any sailing or navigation skills. Sit back, relax, and let our professional crew take care of everything.
Private Charter vs. Private Yacht: What’s the Difference?
While both offer a luxurious way to explore the seas, there’s a key distinction. A private yacht requires significant ownership costs, including maintenance, mooring fees, and storage. Chartering eliminates these burdens, allowing you to enjoy the perks of a private vessel without the long-term commitment.
Ready to Set Sail on Your South Devon Adventure?
At Salcombe Sea-N-Shore, we offer a variety of private charter options to suit your needs, requirements, and desires. If you have any questions about chartering a boat in Salcombe, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions and help you plan your dream day on the water!